I recently attended a conference at my local church at which Voddie Baucham was leading. Voddie has a God-given heart for multi-generational faith and he informed us of the following which brought a tear to eyes of many who were in attendance.

Voddie told of how he adopted one of his sons from an adoption agency in Texas. The boy’s birth mother had been driving through downtown Texas when her vehicle was hijacked. She and her passenger were then held at gunpoint and raped. After the traumatic and evil incident, the young lady was counselled and on knowledge of her being pregnant she attended a local Planned Parenthood surgery. Planned Parenthood is of course the pro-abortion agency in the USA. The young, distressed lady was informed not to worry and how they would “take care” of everything. However the young lady considered it immoral and wrong to kill an unborn baby that had no say in the matter. Thus, she went on to give birth to the boy having agreed to give him up for adoption prior to it. It just so happened that Voddie and his wife had been in contact with the same adoption agency that the young lady was dealing with, and when the case worker heard of the story she informed Voddie “We have your baby”……”When i heard this story and thinking about all you said to me its clear God has given this baby for you”. And so Voddie and his wife got their new baby boy. Voddie met with the birth-mum at hospital and she asked Voddie that he would promise that the boy would not grow to hate her for what she had done in giving him up for adoption. Voddies response was “I promise that this boy will grow to view you as a HERO [emphasis added]….because you saved his life in giving birth to him and not letting them abort him”

An amazing story of our great God working to turn evil into good and another example to show why Abortion is wrong……..even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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