Godless Britain




“The British Humanist Association (BHA) has recently secured two places on a 30-member advisory committee that will meet over the next 18 months and eventually recommend to the government changes to religious education guidelines.

Membership in the committee is drawn from a wide range of faiths and groups involved in religious education.

Andrew Copson, the BHA’s director of education and public affairs, said existing guidelines placed an undue emphasis on Christianity and was “seriously out of step” with what he said was contemporary best practice in teaching about religions and non-religious beliefs.

With church attendance in Britain dramatically dropping in the last decade, it was ridiculous that most children spend more time in religious observance than their parents, he said.”


Well folks……there you have it. Once again the powers to be are seeking to totally eradicate any Christian influence on young people’s lives with these plans that, if truth be told, are the first steps of a total abolishment of Religious Education in Britain’s schools. Should the church be seeking to fight against these plans?? Or is this another occurence of the “great falling away” that the Bible claims will happen in the final days, which really is beyond our power to prevent? I think many would agree that with the increase in teenage knife crimes, gun-crimes and ASBOs, the last thing this country needs is further abandonment of positive Christian moral teaching. But then again……..Richard Dawkins and his buddies know better dont they? :-s


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