Todd Friel debunks Campolo with John Macarthur

I am seriously concerned when I hear people like Mr Campolo saying the things he is saying in this clip. How can such a seemingly educated man misunderstand the simple gospel for what it really is? Its great that he is into reaching out to the poor etc….but let me say this…….that is not what saves a persons soul. Jesus said He came not to heal those who are well but those who are sick…….and when he said sick he was hihglighting the depravity of the illness that is SIN. The very rotten core of our human nature. Jesus died that we might be forgiven our sins should we REPENT and TRUST in Him. Social Action supports our faith and shows Gods love to the world bu we are NOT saved by our works. I guess all those people who have come to faith in the final weeks, days or hours of their life have no hope of salvation then Mr. Campolo considering they didnt have the time to feed the poor etc? My goodness how long will the simple gospel be continually messed about and distorted.??!! I guess the answer to that is untill Jesus comes back!!

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