Respect, Study, Pray and Meditate on it- don’t just read it like a Harry Potter book!

Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura

Yes I thought I knew my Bible, Reading picemeal, hit or miss

Now a part of John or Matthew, Then a bit of Genesis

Certain chapters of Isaiah, Certain Psalms, the twenty-third.

First of Proverbs, twelfth of Romans, Yes, I thought I knew the Word

But I found that thorough reading, Was a different thing to do

And the way was unfamiliar, When I read my Bible through

You who like to play at Bible, Dip and dabble here and there

Just before you kneel all weary, Yawning through a hurried prayer.

You who treat this crown of writings, As you treat no other book

Just a paragraph disjointed, Just a crude impatient look

Try a worthier procedure, Try a broad and steady view;

You will kneel in awesome wonder, When you read the Bible through

Author Unkown


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