awpink.jpgThat which Christ requires from His disciples is that they should magnify and glorify Him in this world, and that, by living holily to Him and suffering patiently for Him. Nothing is so honoring to Christ as that those who bear His name should, by their holy obedience, make manifest the power of His love over their hearts and lives. Contrariwise nothing is so great a reproach to Him, nothing more dishonors Him, than for those who are living to please self and who are conformed to this world, should cloak their wickedness under His holy name. A Christian is one who has taken Christ for his example in all things: then how great the insult which is done Him by those claiming to be Christians whose daily lives show they have no respect for His godly example. They are a stench in His nostrils; they are a cause of grievous sorrow to His real disciples; they are the greatest hindrance of all to the progress of His cause on earth; and they shall yet find that the hottest places in Hell have been reserved for them. O that they would either abandon their course of self-pleasing, or drop the profession of that Name which is above every name.


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