Why we’re Not Emergent…..

516R8iYUGhL._AA240_.jpg” I keep wondering, am I missing something here? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes; we do see through a glass dimly; we do not fully understand God; we don’t know God as God knows himself; our words can’t capture the essence of God. God is greater than we can conceive- but what about the 1,189 chapters in the Bible? Don’t they tell us lots of things about God that we are supposed to do more with than doubt and not understand? Aren’t the Scriptures written so that we might believe and be sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see and even proclaim faith to others? It’s hard for me to believe that the apostles went off into the world telling people about the God they couldn’t speak of and inviting the people to journey with them as they grew in their mutual un/knowing about the God they disbelieved in. The book of Acts paints the complete opposite picture. Peter preached an exegetical sermon at Pentecost. Peter and John thunder “let it be known” as they herald the gospel message. Stephen rebukes the people from their own history. Philip explains what a text means to the Ethiopian eunuch (yes there is a right interpretation of Scripture!) Paul reasons in the synagogues. He lectures in the hall of Tyrannus. He tries to persuade Felix. He makes known the true God in the face of Christ that the Athenians only worshipped as unknown.”

A response to the Emergent “conversation” (although its about time they stopped calling it this and started calling it by its true name-that is- a movement/protest) claiming we don’t know nothing about God or Jesus really. (Emphasis added-not part of original text)


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