The truth of the Westminster Confession of Faith

“We are living in an age which threatens to sacrifice the precious doctrines of the Word of God to ecumenism. It is no wonder that such a document as the Westminster Confession, with its uncompromising testimony of truth, should now be looked upon as an embarassment and hindrance to progress. In the interests of ecumenism, the layman is told to ‘leave theology to the theologians’ as though it were no concern of his. How different, may we say, was the spirit of the formulators of the Westminster Confession! It was their pious intention at once to instruct the ordinary person in the fundamentals of his Faith, and to provide, by this document itself, a basis for church unity. They recognised that the “two great pillars upon which the kingdom of Satan is erected and upheld are ignorance and error”….there is not a more potent bastion against the errors of Romanism and the various other -isms so prevalent today than these standards. They conserve a heritage which we ought to prize and seek by all means to transmit unsullied to our children”

Robert Shaw, The Reformed Faith (1973)


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