A warning for Christian Oprah fans- do you know what you are watching???

I have to say I find it extremely worrying when I hear of confessing Christians talking about Oprah. Oprah has of late been using her celebrity status to promote her new-age, mysticism/gnosticism which is leading many astray. Couple this with the lack of discernment and biblical knowledge amongst many Christians and there lies the possibility of a very serious mess. Christians do not believe the words that come from this womans mouth. There is only one way to heaven….that way is through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. I am convinced this is the doctrine of demons….it is so creepy and discerning Christians must take a stand and speak out against these lies and warn others about it. Oprah is well liked and has done much for charity but such deeds are insignificant if one is outside of Christ. This is pure antichrist teaching and I really cannot warn people enough about it. This lady is dangerous but nevertheless we must pray for her to come to know Christ. If only there were more who are like the lady in the audience who speaks out against what Oprah is saying….well done, indeed lady. There is only ONE WAY TO HEAVEN….JESUS CHRIST, and it is by FAITH THROUGH GRACE ALONE.

By reformedpilgrim Posted in Apostasy

One comment on “A warning for Christian Oprah fans- do you know what you are watching???

  1. After reading your article on “A warning for Christian Oprah fans- do you know what you are watching???” posted August 30, 2008, I came to the realization that many professed Christians who believed that salvation is only through Christ who already died for all our sins, whole heartily disagree with Oprah’s open idolatry relationship with Satan.

    But to take her idolatry further, isn’t it amazing that as one of the richest women in the world Oprah’s mother is being sued for 156K by a corporation that Oprah supports (Valentina’s Inc)?

    If you want to respond I would appreciate more info on this subject, because Oprah’s website has chosen to be “unavailable” at this time on the subject.

    Thank you,
    Another professed Christian

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