John Macarthur on the Emergent Church and Todd Friel on Brian McClaren

I’m sorry, but anyone who claims that Brian McClaren’s teaching isn’t heretical is deceived. That may sound harsh and some things said on these videos may seem harsh but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No more lies, no more false-teaching, no more promotion of uncertainty and doubt amongst younger Christians and no more leading people to believe in a false gospel. Brian McClaren may think he is being unfairly victimized but his teaching is New-Age, Liberal Mumbo-Jumbo and its just downright unbiblical (yea he might use verses about the poor etc yet he leaves out the stuff about hell, the cross and redemption) that it is scary that so many Christians(especially young, biblically unlearned and immature Christians)are listening to him. The bottom line is this though….God is Sovereign over and above these falseities and at least Jesus name is being proclaimed and God in His mercy and infinte grace will use this heretical teaching for his own glory, but to not speak out against this false teaching is to deny Christ Himself.

Let me make it clear…..Jesus Christ, both fully God and fully man, came to earth for the sole purpose of dieing on the cross of calvary and to lay down his life of his own accord for his chosen people in order that they be forgiven their sin and he rose again that we might be justified before the Father. A verse that pops up in my head is 1 Timothy 1:15 “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief”. This is a definitive statement that summarise why Christ came to earth. Yes whilst he was on earth He showed us that we are to love the broken and oppressed that the world regard as dirt. Yes we are to feed the starving, clothe those without clothes, provide shelter for those who have none, and give water to those who are thirsty, but that is not the key reason Christ came. He came to offer up his life as a ransom for many. And we are to do these acts of love in the name of Jesus that all men might see and praise the Father and potentially be brought to faith through our actions and the proclamation of the gospel as we do these deeds.

Mr McClaren’s teaching here stating that every time we are to forgive people we are to “kick a dog” because God demands an act of anger to forgive sin is so twisted that it borders on evil. It is a disgusting distortion of the truth that I felt sick on hearing it. God is holy and just and so must judge+punish sin. The bible makes it clear that God hates sin and it angers Him. That is why the Gospel is so amazing….that Jesus paid the prce for us. He took our place. He willingly laid down His life for His people. The theological term is Penal Substitution. The other key theological word (in fact if you are one of those Emergent folk who thinks theology is intellectual snobbery and we don’t know anything then you will find this word in your Bible, making it important) is PROPITIATION- meaning Christ’s death on the cross has changed God’s wrath into God’s favour. Before we are saved through the finished work of Christ we were Children of wrath and were deserving of it. But by Grace through Faith in Christ we are now adopted into God’s family meaning there is now NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE IN CHRIST….THAT IS WHAT MAKES THE GOSPEL GLORIOUS. THAT CHRIST DIED FOR US UNDESERVING SINNERS!! AND BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN WE ARE TO FORGIVE OTHERS (and dont need to kick a dog!)!! HOW DOES THIS GUY NOT GET IT?? I can only explain it by saying his eyes are blinded to the truth. His teachings are perverse and misleading, yet the element of truth that they are wrapped in is why so many do not see it. He actually tries to mock historical Christian beliefs in this clip as if for 2,000 years Christians have got it wrong. Yea right! If anything is arrogant that claim is!!

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