Where are all the men?

I must say my soul has been convicted for a long time now to heed the call of God upon my life to consider everything else as loss compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For some reason I cannot find satisfaction in anything the world has to offer me. I have been convicted to stand up to the mark and preach the word in season and out of season to this nation and to the ends of the earth. Often I feel crazy as the fire in my bones becomes almost unbearable at times. It actually gets to the point where I feel deflated and discouraged because I think I am going crazy and am alone in this…..but then there comes a ray of light and encouragement in the form of John Piper and faithful preachers of the word. They are the mouthpiece of God alongside Scripture in my life, encouraging me to take up my cross, to not fear the crowd, to not fear the “church” and to simply proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Where indeed are the men? Where are the Saints who once considered their own selfish desires as nothing? What has happened to the church? What has happened to truth? Why do so many of us want to settle for the a life that falls short of total commitment to Christ? Why do we fear the crowd? Why do we fear rejection? Why do we want big jobs in the city? Why do we want flashy cars? Why do we only have time for Jesus for 4 hours on a Sunday but not on a Monday? Why do we hate talking about Jesus but love talking about worthless things? Why is fellowship now considered to be a cup of tea and godless chatter rather that heartfelt discussion focussed on Christ and His Word? Why do we not grieve for the lost? Why do we not step up to the mark and take the gospel to the streets and consider the gospel as more important than our bank account?Why? Because we are cowards….I am a coward. We are ashamed of the gospel. Oh Lord send revival to this land….make me a man of the Word and a defender of your truth. Sanctify me in your truth and allow me to be a living sacrifice for you. Do not hold my sin against me. Keep my eyes forever fixed on the cross and on Jesus….move me into action in word and deed. Lord let their be a return to passionate, God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, Cross-centered and Spirit-filled preaching. No more people pleasing. No more conforming to this world. Let us be truly holy and set apart for you. Let us be men and women whom you use for your glory. In Jesus name. Amen


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