White Horse Inn- Get Stoopid…….

Getting Stupid
On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts evaluate a new trend in popular culture, namely the pursuit of stupidity. But are contemporary churches challenging this trend, or capitulating to it?

This episode is a must-listen-to for every Christian who is serious about Jesus and His Church. Christians must guard against becoming like the culture. For example if the culture becomes godless the church will also (or has it become like this already??) There is a dumbing down taking place in Western culture and Christians must not let themselves follow suit. God gave us a brain for a reason; let’s start using it again! It’s not about being an academic or an intellectual giant. It’s about seeking to understand God’s Word and to apply it to our lives. This goes for the guy with no High School grades to the Girl with a Doctorate in Rocket Science!

Listen to this edition of the White Horse Inn here

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