R.C. Sproul- Quotes

“At the heart of Reformed Theology, at the heart of Luther and Calvin’s struggle, and in Knox and Jonathan Edwards, were men who were awakened to the greatness, to the majesty, to the holiness, and the sovereignty of God. By contemplating the holiness and sovereignty of God, they were driven to develop their doctrines of the grace of God. Because until you meet a God who is holy and is sovereign, you don’t know what grace means. I don’t think we are ever going to see a healthy evangelical church until the evangelical church is solidly Reformed, where it takes biblical Christianity seriously with a right concept of a sovereign God.

That’s because unreformed Christianity has failed in our culture. It has been pervasively antinomian (no law, no Lordship), and has been pervasively liberal in it’s trends and tendancies away from Scripture, because there’s been no real basis in the sovereignty of God.

Today’s evangelicals are never amazed by grace, because they don’t understand sovereignty. They don’t understand God. The evangelical church today is sick, more sick than it ever has been. We need a style and a variety of Christianity that is not a religion, but is a life and a worldview, where at the heart and foundational structure of it is a sound and deep biblical concept of the character of God.”

R.C. Sproul from “A Blueprint for Thinking”


3 comments on “R.C. Sproul- Quotes

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  2. This is a very timely and appropriate view by Mr Sproul and one I agree with fully.I have been thinking about these issues for some time, and He has been able to bring these thoughts together and speak them very well.I was brought up in a non-denominational church that is armenian to an extent ,but our Pastor taught on the grace of god as well.Until a few years ago I did not care much about doctrinal issues and was drifting into some dangerous thinking such as open theism,etc. Through conversations with some of my close friends who are reformed,I began to really study the Word and learning who Our Lord really is,Praise God !One of my friends has given me several good books on reformed christianity .One of them is called “Our Sovreign Saviour” by Roger Nicole.Excellent!He also gave me a Geneva Study Bible that I read daily.I am a reformed christian now knowing that I am saved only by the wonderful grace of God,through Jesus Christ , my King.It really bothers me when I hear someone refer to Jesus as “my homey” and other common terms.Also, when I hear someone praying or speaking in church “inviting the Lord to come into our presense”.The subjects of a king do not invite him.The king invites his subjects into his presense.Thank You for a great website. In Christ, Charlie

  3. Charlie,

    Thanks for your comment. It’s always an encouragement to know that God is using this insignificant corner of the web to encourage and edify my brothers and sisters in Christ. May He continue to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ, which of course I pray will increase your passion!

    With regards to what say about your past, I can identify with it in many ways. I’ve heard it said that whenever one comes to a saving faith in Jesus they start of Arminian. That’s our natural inclination because we are man-centered. But then as one studies the word diligently the Sovereignty of God cannot be missed. Reformational truths are wonderful as they open up the majesty of God and the truly amazing grace give us in Christ Jesus.

    I totally hear you on the whole “homie” thing. That’s very frustrating for me too but unfortunately this is the age in which we live. Many Christians are ignorant of Doctrine and have a view of God that is not scriptural, but instead personal. I heartily recommend Michael Horton’s book “Christless Christianity”…he deals with this whole issue from a reformed perspective and it is an insightful piece of work. I think it’s important we try and counteract the current cultural tide sweeping Christianity by seeking to defend and contend for the truth in a gracious manner. Sometimes we can be guilty of being ungracious in trying to point people to the reformed faith. There are plenty of blogs on the web like that!!! I think Horton models how we should point people to the truths of the reformation brilliantly!

    Once again thanks for dropping by and may God keep you and guide you in your walk!

    Grant (Reformed Pilgrim)

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