John Macarthur opens up his Sermon Vault!!!!

free  Yes indeed he has and its about time to! My computer is quickly running out of space with all those sermons I’ve downloaded of his! Folks get over to and check out the entire sermon list. I am sure you will find a sermon on whatever it is you are looking for!

It is sad fact that the 21st Century affords Christians in the West the opportunity to access a vast array of sound Biblical teaching. Moreso now than ever before are Christians armed with the resources to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, to examine the Scriptures like the Bereans in Acts 7:11, and to rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Tim 2:15). However the sad reality is that Christians today are the most biblically illiterate and spiritually empty generation that there has been for a long time. There must be a call by someone out there in their pulpit for God’s people to return to God’s word. There must come a time when people stand for the truth once and for all delivered to the Saints and proclaim it without fear.

In work, several arguments I have been on the receiving end of are the usual ones like “the bibles not reliable”…”it’s made up”….”you can’t believe all what it says”…..”how dare people tell me I am going to hell if I don’t believe Jesus…how dare they!”…”I believe the Bible is one of many ways and is a guide for good living”……”i believe that I’m a good person and live a good life”…..and on and on we go. You see the problem is no different today as it was in Jesus’ day. Humans are humans and we, like our ancestors ,share a common problem that has been handed down through the ages. This problem has transitioned through the Pagan Roman Empire, through the Enlightenment and Modernism and finally through to the 21st Century’s Neo-paganistic postmodern culture. That problem is Original Sin. By that I mean we are born into sin. We reject God and god our own way. Thats why we need Jesus because he died to save us from our sins. So for the contemporary church to think that they can win people, and by win I mean genuine, true, repentant and Holy-Spirit wrought conversions (not shallow, insincere “decisions” for Christ) it is somewhat naive and foolish. God alone brings people to faith through the preaching of the Gospel (Romans 10:17) and thus it is indeed great that Grace to You has opened up the Vault of many faithful sermons delivered by John Macarthur for many years! May many be blessed, encouraged and brought to faith through this decision!!

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