T.D. Jakes

“Some people may wonder, “Why do you guys worry so much about what bookstores are selling? So they sell TD Jakes’ books. What’s wrong with that? A lot of people like TD Jakes!” So, what IS wrong with TD Jakes? (Actually, the easier question to answer is “What ISN’T wrong with him?)

Here are a few quote, courtesy of Symphony of Scripture:

“And God said, ‘Let us. Let usssssss…’” says Jakes, and then digresses: “…One God, but manifest in…three different ways, Father in creation, Son in redemption, Holy Spirit in regeneration.” (“Spirit Raiser,” Time Magazine, September 17, 2001)

“My brothers and sisters the power of life and death is in the tongue. You can have whatever you say.” (Intermission of “The Bone Collector Part II,” TBN, August 12, 2004)

“You’re entitled to have wellness in your body. Stop begging for what you’re entitled to.” (T. D. Jakes, “God Never Meant For You To Lose,” TBN, July 29, 2004)

“You gotta speak to stuff or it won’t change. Are you following what I’m saying?” (“The Bone Collector Part II,” TBN, August 12, 2004)

“I want to challenge you to sow and come into agreement with me. I believe you don’t have to go for it, you can sow for it! And God will bring it to pass in your life. I want you to write me, put in your prayer request and sow a special seed. Believe God for supernatural resurrection harvest in your life!” (“Heirs of The Promise I,” After the sermon T. D. Jakes said this while in the studio, March 21, 2005)

“His holiness, John Paul II was truly a dedicated and courageous messenger of God. His legacy will be a model that all of us should follow. His Holiness was not only a leader of the church, but also a leader of the world. His life was an example everyone can learn from. His mission to spread the Good News of faith throughout the world, and his dedication to human rights was an inspiration.” (“Bishop T. D. Jakes Statement on The Passing of Pope John Paul II”)

Well, I guess other than the fact that he is a Word-of-Faith, Name-It-And-Claim-It Prosperity huckster who denies the deity of Christ while glorifying a pope who dedicated his life to glorifying the Virgin Mary over Christ–I guess he’s not such a bad guy ;)” (Source: DEFCON)

John Macarthur is his book “The Truth War” states the following;

“Sabellianism, for instance, has made a strong comeback.  The hallmark of “Oneness Pentecostalism” is a denial of the Trinity and a view of the Godhead that is indistinguishable from ancient Sabellianism.  Yet many—perhaps most—in the evangelical movement today are perfectly willing to ignore the lessons from Scripture and history, set aside the whole disagreement as something entirely nonessential, and embrace contemporary Sabellianism as a legitimate expression of authentic Christian faith.  For at least a decade now, evangelical best-seller lists have included a steady stream of works by authors and musicians who deny the doctrine of the Trinity. (p. 117)”

Why do we accept such heresy with open arms today when the early church fathers and all who have gone before us stood firm against these lies? Because we have no backbone today. We are all about people-pleasing than we are in taking a stand for truth. Jesus never said love people above him. He said love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Then he said love your neighbour as yourself. If my neighbour, that is a supposedly Christian leader who has an influence on thousands, is denying Biblical truths about God and teaching others this, how can one sit back and not confront it? Yes, and I always reiterate this, genuine concern and love must be our motive, but today people confuse this love with a squishy “don’t say nothing that’s potentially offensive and could hurt someone’s feelings” kinda love.

Classic Oneness doctrine can be classed as historic modalistic monarchianism, or in layman’s terms, the belief that God manifested himself in different modes at different times. 99% of Oneness doctrine statements read something like this: There is one God, Creator of all things, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three Manifestations: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.. The Bible doesn’t teach three manifestations – it clearly teaches three, independent persons, united fully as one God.

Oneness Pentecostalism is heresy on so many different levels. The most obvious one is the denial of the Godhead, but then there is the heresy of baptismal regeneration, the requirement that one MUST speak in tongues to be truly born-again.

So…..pray for T.D. Jakes, The Potter’s House


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