New Song……Tenth Avenue North- My Love Is Over

I discovered this band by sheer chance (or was it chance??!) one day when I was browsing the net. I proceeded to purchase their album and I have to say I’m always listening to it now! When I first listened  to this song i just connected with it straight away. I listened to it over and over again. So often God’s grace is hard for us to comprehend. We often think we have fallen from grace because we do the same stupid sins time and time again. We are just so convicted with our sin at times that it feels unatural. Where is my joy? Where is my happiness? Does God really love me? How could he?……….the answer? It’s simple. When we repent and put our trust in Christ we are justified. That justification is a legal transaction that replaces our own unrighteousness with the righteousness of Christ. It’s the Great Exchange. Christ’s death on the cross acts as the “propitiation” for our sins (that means God’s wrath that was once upon us becomes God’s favour). Once we are justified we will be sanctified and then glorfied. Often though it seems like we are making no progress. We doubt our salvation and we mourn. Friend, if you have experienced this, or if you are experiencing this now, I hope this song will help you realise that because of Christ you are never beyond the reaches of God’s grace. You are his child by adoption and He will keep you. Through trial and sorrow. In sickness or in health. Look to Christ, fix your eyes on Him and remember of His great love, grace and mercy that was poured out on you. Come unto Him all you who are heavy laden and He will give you rest.


One comment on “New Song……Tenth Avenue North- My Love Is Over

  1. This is a wonderful song. I love all the songs on their first CD, actually. I remember listening to it and thinking, “Wow, these people really know the Gospel.” Lately I’ve been watching “video journals” they post on their YouTube channel about songs from their upcoming CD. As I watch these videos, I just fall in love with them. They TRULY understand the Gospel unlike pretty much every other Christian band/singer I’ve ever heard. I can’t help but wonder if they’re closet Calvinists. 😉

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