John Piper said……….

“We must not water down the call to suffer. We must not domesticate all the New Testament teaching on affliction and persecution just because our lives are so smooth. It may be that we have not chosen to live in all the radical ways of love that God wants us to”  (Let The Nations Be Glad)


2 comments on “John Piper said……….

    • Indeed Marianne this is true. We are called to share in the sufferings of Christ yet sadly this message has been lost. Steve Chalke, in the UK, wrote a book called the “Lost Message of Jesus”, in which he wrote that Christ death on the cross was a form of cosmic child abuse. He was denying the substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross. Rather I would propose that the Lost Message of Jesus is the call to suffer. The call to deny self and live fully for Christ, walking daily in his grace and forgiveness. That is the message that the church has lost and it is something we must swim upstream against.

      God Bless,


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