10 questions for a “not-yet-believer”

  1. How do you explain the high degree of design and order in the universe?
    » Learn more about the universe / origin of life / origin of species / origin of mankind
  2. How do you account for the vast archaeological documentation of Biblical stories, places, and people?
    » In what ways have archaeological discoveries verified it?
    » Bible archaeology evidences
  3. Since absolutely no Bible prophecy has ever failed (and there are hundreds), how can one realistically remain unconvinced that the Bible is of Divine origin?
    » Read about fulfilled biblical prophecies

    Explain David’s graphic portrayal of Jesus’ death by crucifixion (Psalm 22) 1000 years previous to crucifixion being established as a form of capital punishment?

    How could any mere human pinpoint the birth town of the Messiah seven full centuries before the fact, as did the prophet Micah?
    » Read the “God’s Story” account of Micah describing the Messiah

    Account for the odds (1 in 10 to the 157th power) that even just 48 (of 300) Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in one person, i.e Jesus.
    » More about statistical odds surrounding Jesus Christ Go
    » What messianic prophecies were fulfilled by Christ? Answer
    » More about messianic prophecies

    How was it possible for the Old Testament prophet Isaiah to have predicted the virgin birth of Jesus (Isaiah 7:14) 700 years before it occurred?
    » Read the “God’s Story” account of the prophets describing the Savior
    » Is the virgin birth a myth?

  4. How can anyone doubt the reliability of Scripture considering the number and proximity to originals of its many copied manuscripts?
    » Read about the importance of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls / Discovering the Bible videos explain the manuscript evidence and much more 
  5. Are you able to live consistently with your present worldview?
    » Visit Summit Ministries for worldview comparisons… 
  6. Wouldn’t it make better sense, even pragmatically, to live as though the God of the Bible does exist than as though He doesn’t
  7. In what sense was Jesus a ‘Good Man’ if He was lying in His claim to be God?
    » Is Jesus Christ really God?…
  8. Do you think that Jesus was misguided in affirming the truthfulness of Scripture, i.e. John 10:35, Matthew 24, Luke 24:44
  9. If the Bible is not true, why is it so universally regarded as the ‘Good Book’?
    » How can I know if the Bible is true?… / Is the Bible truth or tabloid? / Can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans? 

    Are you aware that the Old Testament alone claims to be God’s inspired word at least 2600 times?

    Did you know that the Bible has been the number one best-seller every year since the 1436 invention of the Gutenberg printing press?
    » The Bible—an amazing book

  10. From whence comes humanity’s universal moral sense?

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