Oprah- The Most Dangerous Lady on the planet

A while back I posted a few videos about Oprah and wrote a short statement about why I believe her to be someone who is a great danger to both Christians and the non-believer alike. In this video Bill Keller explains just why that is. Oprah claims to be Christian, yet her ideologies and beliefs are far from Christian. She is an advocate of New-Age Pagan guru Eckhart Tolle and has had him on her show several times. Eckhart Tolle’s teaching is demonic at it’s worst and just down right nonsense overall. By calling such teaching demonic, one leaves himself open to be named a crazy “fundamentalist”. For there are no such things as demons and if there is no such things as demons then in no way whatsoever do they influence false religion….right? Wrong. The reality is demons exist, satan exists, and false teaching, is demonically inspired. Consider 1 Timothy 4:1 which states,

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.”

The short video clip below shows the false teaching being propogated worldwide by Oprah via the medium of her broadcasting empire.

Now consider Oprahs teaching to what Charles Stanley says in this video……


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