Bishop John Shelby “Hymaneus, Alexander” Spong

Oh my word… this guy serious?? It defies belief that this man (John Shelby Spong) has the pedestal that he has to preach the absolute disgusting lies that he does. I normally try to hold back my emotions and be as gracious as my sinful self can be when talking about false teaching but this guy is nothing short of a disgrace and that he is allowed to preach in the Episcopalian church is beyond me. We are sinful, we all are undeserving of God’s grace and we should not forget that, but I can not, nay I will not, stand back and let people speak such twisted lies about my Lord and God as Bishop Spong does. There are 15 different videos in total here, but I’m only going to post 6 here as it will take up too much space to post all 15. If you want to see the rest of the vids check out YouTube. Comments on this would be appreciated…….


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