To the Non-Religious, Fed up with Christianity

standing2Umpteen times I have come across comments and posts by people proclaiming their disdain and sheer irritation with Christianity. I have also read and heard remarks by Christians siding with the Non-Christians, stating that they too are fed up with radical fundamentalism, the kind who run around preaching hell, fire and brimstone at every person who just happens to make the mistake of looking them straight in their squinty little eyes.

However, these Christian’s tend to go on to say that they like to keep their beliefs to themselves and aren’t really concerned with the fact that those around them don’t believe in the same thing as they do. Their “humble” philosophy in life is “judge not, lest you be judged”, however they are seriously misinformed and make a grave mistake by adapting this approach. Why? Because they fail to understand the nature of critical judgementalism versus evangelism.

What then is my argument? My argument is that I totally understand the contempt that non-Christians have for Christianity. I often hear, and have been guilty of saying this myself, Christians respond to non-Christians by saying, “Don’t look at me and hate Christianity simply because I practice it poorly. I’m a sinner just like you and can’t live a perfect life. Look at Jesus. Your judgement of Christianity should be based on HIM and not me.” May I humbly submit to you the reader that this is absolutely ridiculous. We Christians need to stop defending our sinful, superficial Christian-living and wake-up and realise there is something seriously wrong with our churches…or those who fill them. I’m included.

The second point I would like to make is that I find it difficult to believe that someone is a Christian when they do not grieve over their own sin or the sin of others, but instead accept it as ok, because they believe something different from themselves. Now, before I hear the cries of “Who are you to judge mate!!?”, please do hear me out. Christianity is an evangelising religion. That very word evangelism stems from the Greek word “EVANGELION” which literally means “Good News”. It must convey to others that their sin will separate them from God, and that they must repent and believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus wholly trusting in Him alone to make them right before God. God, in his sovereign will, has ordained that human language is to be the medium for this message to be proclaimed. God the Son came down and preached the good news, but Jesus’ ministry was the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy. Thus God has also given us His word, the Bible to testify and point us to Christ. The Bible states that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”. So, God has decided that the gospel be proclaimed through human language, written and spoken.

WHY then are Christians to share this message and why do I blog??????

Quite simply it is because of love. Ideally, a Christian should be motivated to share his/her faith because they believe, as the Bible teaches, that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and will thus suffer the wrath of a Holy and Just God at the time of judgement because He would in fact be unjust and a liar if he were not to keep to his own testimony. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the only way that we can be freed from this judgement, by dying on the cross for us. By his own will, and not against it as some are now suggesting, Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He took the punishment we deserve. However the crux of the issue lies in His resurrection. Did it happen or didn’t it? If it didn’t then for goodness sake I wish the Christians who say “it doesn’t matter ‘cos I will have lived a decent moral life anyways” would just keep quiet and realise the fallacy of their mindset. The apostle Paul himself states in 1 Cor 15:15-19 that,

“And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.”

Let me make this categorically clear; if Jesus did not rise from the dead, if they were to dig up his bones tomorrow and it was proved that they were actually Jesus’ genuine remains then I will be straight out on the town partying and over-indulging myself with fine women. No longer will I waste my life for a lie for I am to be pitied and deserve to be mocked and ridiculed for believing a lie.

However, I believe in the resurrection of Christ. I believe because the change in the disciple’s behaviour indicates a MAJOR occurrence took place three days after the crucifixion. I believe in the resurrection because the Apostle Paul suddenly became a follower of Jesus abandoning his hate-filled persecution of Christians due to the risen Jesus meeting with Him on the road to Damascus. I believe in the resurrection because no-one WILLINGLY dies for a lie. Yes we have Islamic fundamentalists who blow themselves up, but that is because they fully believe that they are following the truth. They unknowingly die for a lie.  The disciples, however, are a totally different scenario. They followed Jesus for 3 years, sitting under his teaching, hearing His claims that He was God, that he was the Messiah, that he would die and be raised from the dead on the third day. Their despondency in the gospel accounts after his crucifixion reveal an authenticity of the gospel accounts. They reveal the despondency and disillusionment that comes with following Jesus. Geuine, raw, real life emotions are recorded here. Yet why did they die for their belief that Christ was the Son of God? Well because they met with the risen Christ and had no reason to doubt. Jesus’ claim was/is massive and the fact that Paul testifies that we would be stupid to believe and follow him if he wasn’t raised from the dead shows that he is TOTALLY AND UTTERLY CONFIDENT THROUGH HIS OWN OBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE that Jesus was raised from the dead. There is no other explanation.

I believe in the resurrection because ancient historians and archaeologists can locate the graves of prominent figures from ancient times yet cannot begin to point to a site where the most famous man in all of History was “buried”. Sure fantastical new hypotheses are proposed every year but none of these have any credibility and when critiqued are always exposed as shabby scholarship by desperado professors seeking to make a quick buck by releasing a book that is always guaranteed to make the best sellers list.

So Christians believe that they are forgiven and justified before God because Christ died for our sins and rose again from the dead showing that His testimony was true. This is good news to proclaim in sheer joy and love is it not? Well yes, of course it is!

BUT…..Christians often do not preach this truth from the motivation of LOVE. They often preach it without practicing it. They often forget the fact that the only difference separating them from non-Christians, is the blood of Christ shed for them to redeem them. They did nothing but repent and submit to His Lordship, and even then they were only enable to do this by the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. They earned no right to a higher standing, or to cast icy glances at sinners.

Jesus himself showed love to sinners, knowing that his LIFE OF LOVE would provide a solid foundation and prepare the hearts of his hearers to receive his message of truth, which DID talk about sin and hell and the fact that he is the ONLY way and that it is not possible for people to get to God through anyone else.

So Christians, where did we go wrong? We are hypocrites. We rebuke sinners and love each other, even when we have hidden sin festering beneath the surface like a rotten carcass on a hot summers day. Why don’t we start loving sinners, and rebuking ourselves? If we get real with God and allow him to cleanse us from our sin, some of the sin that will go out the window will be disdain for non-Christians and secular culture. Then we will be able to love them as Jesus did, and perhaps provide a ready soil in which to plant seeds of truth. I am sick and tired of Christians being a part of, and forming  little cliquey clubs. I love God, I love his creation, I love people and I love his Christ and as God is my witness I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a lost world and I want to share His good news as I do so.

But I and we must first get real with God. We must humble ourselves and turn from our own wicked ways. We must repent of our pride, of our selfishness, and allow him to work his holiness in us. Maybe then, non-Christians would have an accurate understanding of the Church.

Non-Christians, as a result of this blog, I don’t expect you to believe what I believe all of a sudden. But if you don’t believe, I hope that it will not be because of the impression that I am hypocritical or hateful or judgmental. However, by saying that I am saying that I am going to shy away from presenting what I believe to be the truth. Nevertheless, maybe if we can start displaying true Christianity, it will allow you to make an accurate, informed judgment about the truth of the matter. Maybe if we start living out what we believe then people will see that the Word (resurrected and written) that we believe in and follow is actually the truth.

God give us the grace, give me the grace, to live such a life and forgive me for the times I have failed to do so….in public and behind closed doors, even this night.

In Jesus name,



13 comments on “To the Non-Religious, Fed up with Christianity

  1. Just to be clear…

    My non belief has nothing to do with my disdain for certain types of Christianity and certain Christians.

    Even if Christianity was the best religion in the world, and all the Christians the most wonderful and caring people in the world, I still wouldn’t believe it. Because the evidence just isn’t there.

  2. Great truth revealed in this article.!! Christians need to act like Christians. I can honestly say that when a believer tries to mitigate their sinful actions by saying. “I am only human” that it drives me up a wall. No one is able to stand against sin on their own, but when you are truly saved, the power of Christ lives in you. You can no longer rely on the excuse that you are only human! We who are in Christ are now aliens in this world. We are children of the Promise with power to demolish strongholds, move mountains and heal and bring light to a lost world. There is nothing human about that!

    Those who say that they don’t see the evidence for the Christian life are blinded to the truth by the enemy. They can deny it but that doesn’t make it less true. Those who have the power of Christ living in them know that he is true. It is not just something we believe, it is truth being revealed by God himself. Non-Christians do not have eyes to see or ears to hear the truth. Jesus told the unbelievers that the reason they don’t hear him and know him his because they don’t belong to him.

  3. The evidence isn’t there for you because you are dictating to God the evidence that you want to see. Think about this…………if God is God and He exists and the Bible is true then why would the maker of all things, the one who gave you life, the one who rules over all of creation……why would he seek to “prove” himself to you? Why would he run around trying to convince, in a state of anxiety, those who have rejeceted him? We place ourselves over and above God as if He is to answer to us rather than us having to answer to him.

    You talk about evidence?? You have already reached a predetermined conclusion and thus you will filter out any evidence given you by Christians because “You just wouldn’t believe anyways”.

    Jesus himself said that the world (en mass) wouldn’t believe in Him even if they were to see miracles. Why? The first reason is that, as above, you don’t want to believe. That’s fair enough. Secondly though, you and we can’t see the truth unless we have been given eyes to see it. Sinful man is blinded to the truth because of sin. I am only a Christian because God has called me into his family and opened my eyes to the truth. Now that DOES NOT place me on a pedestal. No, much the opposite instead it makes me a subject of amazing undeserved grace. That humbles me.

    God gave the world plenty of evidence when He sent His Son into it to testify to the truth. God didn’t have to do this but it was out of love for a undeserving people that He acted. He didn’t need to love us but he chose to. But as Jesus said, the light that came into the world (Jesus) has been rejected by men because they prefer the darkness to the light as they fear that the light will expose their evil deeds. Jesus is the evidence but you reject that because you don’t believe in God.

    Where is his grave? Why didn’t the Romans quash the “cult” immediately after Jesus was buried by diggiing up his remains and exposing to the new believers that it was all a fraud? You can’t answer that and you also can’t 110% give an answer for how the universe came to be. According to the scientific Law of Causality, everything that has a beginning has a cause, and thus we agree that the universe had a beginning. But so did the elements of life. The very building blocks of life must also have a cause, according to this empirical observation and scientific law. But no, you change it at this point because you still refuse to believe, and it wall always be that may until maybe one day God opens your eyes to see Jesus for who he is- your Saviour and not a tyrannical deity who rules with an iron fist.


  4. I certainly don’t dictate the type of evidence. I’d like to have the evidence that other people in your god’s book have received.

    A burning bush would be nice. Or a pillar of fire/smoke. If I was led through the wilderness by one of those, I would be stupid being an unbeliever.

    It’s not my fault your scripture is full of examples of your god revealing himself to people, and yet he seems to be completely silent in the real world.

    “Where is his grave?”

    There isn’t enough evidence to say the man existed, so I don’t see how this helps your case.

    I don’t know where Sherlock Holmes’ grave is either. But one of several logical conclusions you could reach from that information is NOT that Sherlock rose from the dead.

  5. “here isn’t enough evidence to say the man existed, so I don’t see how this helps your case.”

    I’m sorry but that is an extremely misinformed argument. There is no denial from any sound scholar Christian or Atheist that Jesus was in fact a person who walked on this earth. There is ample evidence……….just no pictures or self-portraits of him that you would like to see. I reccomend you read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel or Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell.

    Indeed you don’t know where Sherlock Holmes grave because he is a fictional character. So what is your point? That Jesus is fictional? Well we know that is nonsense because the Bible has been proven to be historically accurate where archaeological finds have been discovered to match the Biblical account. We know from external Jewish sources such as Josephus that Jesus was indeed a real man….we also know from Roman historians as well that he was a real man.

    To claim that Jesus wasn’t real is the classic misinformed atheist belief. With the external historical accounts of Jesus we can thus therefore go back to the argument about the resurrection. Do you think that the Christian church is a relatively new thing?! No of course not. It has been going on since that day in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first believers (see Acts). The historical church writings record the Christian church in its infancy as do external histories as well.

    Also you talk about pillar of fire or a burning bush. Just because God did something unique at a distinctive period of history does not mean that it is normative. You can’t just go and ick things out of the Bible and assume that God should be doing the same today.

    The burning bush was at a particular time for a particular people in redemptive history (by this i mean the united theme throughout the Bible that God creates, Man sins, The fall, the Promise of God to send a saviour through the Abrahamic/Davidic line, Christ Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension and we now find ourselves in the latter period awaiting Christ’s return and the final judgement)

    What about those people today who have met with the risen Lord Jesus, who have experienced confirmed healings etc. Atheists refuse to believe their testimony because unless they experience it themselves they won’t beleive. Miracles can’t happen right, because they are unexplainable and in a world that only believes in empirical “we can explain this away” evidence you will always seek to explain away a miracle as being a freak of nature, sheer chance, electrons in the air colliding and causing a spark, a leak of nitrogen or some sort of gas that has caught fire and been carried by a pocket of wind….that’s how most atheists would explain away a modern day pillar of smoke or fire.

    God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. I am not antagonistic towards atheists for I myself am only a believer because of Gods grace therefore I have no right to boast apart from boasting about Christ, his life, death and resurrection.

    Friend the evidence is there, you just refuse to see it.


  6. “There is ample evidence”

    Sorry, but a bunch of writings about a person that weren’t written until at least 10 years after he was supposed to have died is not ‘ample evidence’.

  7. Well again here you are misinformed,

    What you have got to understand is that in ancient times this was like a newsflash.

    If that is your viewpoint then why do Scholars not dispute the historical accuracy of the Bible where it has been proven correct? Why do secular scholars not question texts like Homer’s The Odyssey or Augustus’s Res Gestae Divini Agustus or Cicero or the works of Tacitus or Suetonius? There are more ancient manuscripts of the Bible than any of these, yet the others are widely accepted as accurate and reliable, whereas people whon are against the Bible or the existence of God try to say that the Bible isnt reliable……..even thought there are around 1,900 ancient manuscripts (i think) of the contents of the Bible that are accurate and matching in relation to their coherency and consistency.

    You are imposing your 21st century instant media/news/information mind upon ancient times and methods. So in Ancient Times writings about a person 10 years or so after an event are regarded as being like a newsflash today.

    Also you forget that the New Testament is primary sourced. The authors were present and witnessed the events themselves. So what difference is there in them writing 10, 15 or even 50 years after Jesus if they witnessed the ressurection?? Do you say to historians who write about the World Wars etc that they are making it up because they are writing some 50 60 years after it took place? No! Of course not!

  8. Where has it been proven correct? In broad strokes. So-and-so was king from this time to this time. This city existed.

    Not exactly advanced historical information, that.

    “Why do secular scholars not question texts like Homer’s The Odyssey or Augustus’s Res Gestae Divini Agustus or Cicero or the works of Tacitus or Suetonius?”

    Because those works do not rest on whether or not the stories depicted in them are historically accurate or not.

    The Bible doesn’t have to either. As a work of literature, it is interesting. And we can learn a great deal about the human condition, and how people thought differently back then. But as an accurate historical document, it fails in all but the broadest points.

    ‘Also you forget that the New Testament is primary sourced. The authors were present and witnessed the events themselves.”

    There’s no evidence of this. This is a claim made by Christians.

    Until we find documentation that the authors wrote during the events, it’s a useless claim.

    “Do you say to historians who write about the World Wars etc that they are making it up because they are writing some 50 60 years after it took place?”

    No. But those historians are using documentation from the time when the events they are writing about happened.

    • Since it is from the New Testament that we gain our primary knowledge of Jesus, it is fitting to ask whether this literature is sound and historically accurate. Critics often describe the Gospels as pious legend, having no historical competence, and designed only for propaganda purposes. But while it is acknowledged that the Gospels are not biography in the strict sense according to 20th century definitions,[1] the following facts give immense weight to the historical accuracy of the New Testament.

      Objective Scholarship upholds the New Testament

      Archaeologists studying ancient civilizations by uncovering ruins and examining artifacts, are with increasing success confirming the accuracy of the Biblical texts. Sir William Ramsey’s vindication of Luke’s writings is a classic example.[2] The findings of archaeology have in fact reversed the opinions of a number of former skeptics. Among these is the scholar Dr. William F. Albright, who writes:

      “The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible [by certain schools of thought] has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of numerous details.”[3]

      Recent archaeological discoveries include both the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1f) and “The Pavement” (John 19:13). Their existence was doubted just a few decades ago. Confirmation of the accuracy of the setting of Jacob’s well has also been found (John 4).[4] Such findings have caused many scholars to reverse earlier skeptical opinions on the historicity of the Fourth Gospel. Its author has demonstrated an obvious intimate knowledge of the Jerusalem of Jesus’ time, just as we would expect from the Apostle John. Such detail would not have been accessible to a writer of a later generation, since Jerusalem was demolished under Titus’ Roman army in 70 A.D.

      Also, the recent recovery of a Roman census similar to the one in Luke 2:1f, and the historical confirmation of his “synchronism”[5] in Luke 3:1f, underscores the care Luke took in writing his Gospel (Luke 1:1-4).

      [Read more about archaeological discoveries that confirm the Bible’s accuracy.]

      Critics of Luke’s Gospel often retreat into non-verifiable and subjective opinions, but they have not overthrown Luke’s historical confirmations.[6] By extension, the other two “Synoptic”[7] Gospels of Matthew and Mark, painting essentially similar portraits of Jesus’ ministry, are also trustworthy accounts of his life.

      Additionally, outside the Bible, Jesus is also mentioned by his near-contemporaries. Extra-Biblical and secular writers (many hostile) point to Jesus’ existence, including the Roman writings of Tacitus, Seutonius, Thallus and Pliny, and the Jewish writings of Josephus and the Talmud. Gary Habermas has cited a total of 39 ancient extra-Biblical sources, including 17 non-Christian, that witness from outside the New Testament to over 100 details of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.[8]

      Read the link below for the rest.

      All the Best

  9. Again, the existence of these broad strokes aren’t convincing.

    It’s on par with saying that Spider-Man is real, because the comic books depict New York City accurately, and NYC exists.

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