Judges- The Products of Pluralism

A month ago(ish) I posted on here saying I was going to started posting a weekly sermon. Well due to technicalities, the Christmas break, and some “oking” that I had to do with the Pastors whose sermons I will be posting, I have finally got around to posting the first sermon! This weeks sermon is from Daf Meirion Jones, who is the Vicar at All Saints Church in Preston, England. I was a part of the All Saints fellowship for around 7 months whilst I studied for my final year at the University of Central Lancashire in 2007/2008. It was during a very difficult period in my life as I was struggling with a few issues and Daf and everyone at All Saints were a blessing from a loving God looking after a hurting and confused child of His. Daf personally mentored me in 1-2-1’s and I will be forever grateful for the role he played in my spiritual journey and walk with Christ. I hope someday to repay him, although no doubt he will say “Yea right” to that! This sermon series on Judges is excellent, higlighting the seriousness of pluralism, how we are oft to forget about God, but how he graciously acts in our lives and circumstances to bring us back to Him. Listen, be blessed and keep on. Click on the image or logo to open the sermon.



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