Someone tell me God will not judge justly deeds such as this…..


Above is a model of a baby at 20 weeks development within the womb. Looks pretty human doesn’t it? You can see it’s little hands, and feet, nose, ears, eyes and mouth. You can imagine it smiling in the mothers womb and wrestling around there thinking “when am i gonna get outta this weird little cavern!”. Now imagine the development that takes place in the 3 weeks after this stage. Development of a foetus is fairly rapid and simply amazing. It’s a human right? An unborn human, in development, just like my 3 year old nephew is a live human, growing taller and developing his speech by the day. What is the difference between this baby and my nephew? The answer is simple; one is born and other is not. But just because this baby is ‘not yet’ born doesn’t mean that anyone has any right to take its life. The Pilgrim over on Defending Contending posted this article today that sickened me to my stomach. It’s about a 23 week old baby being aborted in a Florida abortion clinic….but the way in which it was done is, to put it bluntly, inhumane, animalistic, even bordering on sadistic. Click Here to read the story. It made me feel sick to the stomach because I was able to feel, albeit on a miniscule scale, the sheer vileness of my own sin toward God. What a wretch I am but thank God for Jesus. Thank God. Don’t tell me there is no such thing as a God who cares. Don’t tell me God is a God who will not bring justice for such horrible, horrible acts (cough, cough, Bishop Spong), because to claim there is no judgement to come is to, in my view, simply reject the holiness of God and his justice, and it turns God into something he is not- an idol, and you cannot find salvation in an idol.

The sad thing about news like this is that there are cases like it every day that don’t make the news. How the blood of the unborn must cry out to and touch the heart of God.


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