Al Gordon- Worship the Lord

This song by Al Gordon is one that I listened to over and over again whilst at University….often reducing me to tears. God is great…..beyond what our finite minds can comprehend…his name is above all other names…… one else is worthy of the praise he is due. Sometimes the Christian life seems harder than hard……i have gone through it/am going through it at the moment. We face the lies of Satan that tell us we are failures….useless….condemned. At times this can drive us to despair…..but we need not despair because God is so gracious and so loving towards us because of Christ. That’s why I love this song…..the line where Al sings that Christ is his righteousness, Christ is his holiness is a beautiful reminder of the gospel. We find our righteousness in Christ, not ourselves. I find it difficult to think of words that express how this makes me feel. It is wonderful, beautiful, comforting, peace-giving, amazing, precious and sweet. Meditate on the Love, Mercy and Grace of God sang about in this song and let your heart be glad and comforted.

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