Joel Osteen and the “Glory Story”- Mike Horton

mshad“Name it, claim it”; the “health-and-wealth” or “prosperity gospel” : these are nicknames  for a heresy that in many respects is only an extreme version of perhaps the most typical focus of American Christianity today more generally. Basically, God is there for you and  your happiness. He has some rules and principles for getting what you want out of life and if you follow them, you can have what you want. Just “declare it” and prosperity will come to you. (1) God as Personal Shopper.

Although explicit proponents of the so-called “prosperity gospel” may be fewer than their influence suggests, its big names and best-selling authors (T. D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, and Joyce Meyer) are purveyors of a pagan worldview with a peculiarly American flavor. It’s basically what the sixteenth century German monk turned church reformer Martin Luther called the “theology of glory”: How can I climb the ladder and attain the glory here and now that God has actually promised for us after a life of suffering? The contrast is the “theology of the cross”: the story of God’s merciful descent to us, at great personal cost, a message that the Apostle Paul acknowledged was offensive and “foolish to Greeks.”

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8 comments on “Joel Osteen and the “Glory Story”- Mike Horton

  1. Mr. Horton is the perfect person to write this article. Perhaps he can tell us how he has suffered for his faith… living is the United States — where Christians are persecuted so.

  2. Are you implying that Michael Horton is wrong in what he says or correct? I know that Michael Horton has faced a lot of suffering in his life through one of his books…”Too Good to Be True: “Finding Hope in a World of Hype”……of course the persecution in the US and UK is different than our brothers and sisters in China and Pakistan etc. It is more subtle…..undermining…..through the death of loved ones etc…..through opposition (often that comes from within the church). Increased persecution is coming to our shores….as Bob Dylan once sang “the times they are a-changing”….they are, but which way they are changing remains solely in the Sovereign and guiding hands of God. Be it persecution or revival it will be for the greater good of Christs visible church on earth.

  3. Great message and I took the time to read Michael Horton’s full article. The candy-coated gospel given by Joel Osteen tells only one side of God. Yes, God is our all in all and he will help us who call on his name, but I have yet to hear Osteen talk about the cross and how we must suffer for Christ! That is the whole gospel and anything less is not the true gospel. While we in America have not suffered as those in other countries, it will happen! And those who just know a name-it-and-claim-it gospel will not be equipped at that time. Jesus himself said that in the end days people will go to where they hear what they want to hear! There is a cost to following Christ! Let the truth be heard!

  4. According to Simon & Schuster, Joel Osteen has sold more than a million books in Indonesia — the largest Muslim nation in the world. The Christians there, who are buying his books, understand persecution better than you or I ever will. Why do they embrace Osteen’s message? Osteen’s books have been translated into 19 languages and they sell by the millions in some of the poorest nations on earth — Africa and Asia, and Osteen’s broadcast is seen throughout the Middle East. Persecuted Christians across the world are hungry for a message that God is with them in their times of trouble. Do your homework… you are wrong about Osteen!

  5. yes ok i’m wrong and you’re right. listen i’m not going to enter into a stupid discussion about this issue. i don’t doubt Joel Osteen’s sincerity and concern for people but his message is not the gospel. his books have sold millions but just because they have sold millions doesnt mean the content is correct and biblical. the people who live in persecuted countries keep going because they know Christ is their Saviour and to live is Christ yet to die is gain. Christ is the treasure of the gospel not material success, job promotion, or name it and calim it comfortable living. “Foxes have holes and birds have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”- Jesus Christ

  6. oh and more one thing……joel osteen may indeed share some practical wisdom in his messages but he preaches a message that causes people to come to Jesus for what He can do for them here and now rather than what HE HAS ALREADY DONE and for WHO HE IS.

  7. You don’t have a clue why people who listen to Joel Osteen come to Jesus. I would bet that you haven’t ever spoken to a single person who dedicated their life to Christ at an Osteen event, at his church, or in front of their TV sets. Joel Osteen gives an altar call at the end of each sermon that is as strong as any alter call given by any minister. That invitation to “turn from sin and accept Jesus as [their] Lord & Savior” is seen thousands of times across the globe each week. There is not one other minister on the planet who calls more people to the Lord. And every single week he tells millions of people to “Get into a Bible-Based church so that [they] can learn how to live the Christian life.” You should be ashamed of yourself for criticizing a bretheren in Christ out of complete ignorance. This will be my last post on this issue. Do your homework!!!

  8. I would go so far to say that I think Joel Osteen epitimized the spirit of an Anti-Christ. Tickles the ears of men.

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