J.C.Ryle’s piercing truth

200604_120_art_RyleBeware of manufacturing a god of your own: a god who is all mercy but not just, a god who is all love but not holy, a god who has a heaven for everybody but a hell for none, a god who can allow good and bad to be side by side in time, but will make no distinction between good and broad in eternity.  Such a god is an idol of your own, as truly an idol as any snake or crocodile in an Egyptian temple. The hands of your own fancy and sentimentality have made him.  He is not the God of the Bible, and beside the God of the Bible, there is no God at all.

Beware of making selections from your Bible to suit your taste. Dare not to say, ‘I believe this verse, for I like it. I refuse that, for I cannot reconcile it with my views’. Nay! But O man, who art thou that repliest against God? By what right do you talk in this way? Surely it were better to say over EVERY chapter in the word, “Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth”. Ah! If men would do this, they would never deny the unquenchable fire.

-J.C. Ryle {from ‘Fire, Fire!’}



4 comments on “J.C.Ryle’s piercing truth

  1. I love that piercing truth from J.C. Ryle! Unfortunately, in this generation, people are seeking a message that tickles their ears. Everyone wants to hear all that Jesus is going to do for them. Not too many want to hear about picking up our cross and suffering for Christ to be his disciple.

    After suffering tremendous loss of family and wealth, Job cried out despite his circumstance and said. “Shall we accept the good from God, and not trouble?” The truth is that God uses all that comes against a believer to be used for good. Even though we don’t understand certain things in Scripture, all was put there for God’s purpose.

    Speak Lord, for I am listening!

  2. Right on Marianne. Ryle is piercing and this generation needs more J.C. Ryle’s who are not afraid to stand up, carry the cross and suffer for Christ.

    Thanks for the post Reformed Pilgrim. The line that hit me square between the eyes was “Beware of making selections from your Bible to suit your taste.”


    Leave it to Ryle to point us to Christ and strengthen us in our sanctification.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

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