A comparison between Paul Washer and Joel Osteen

2 comments on “A comparison between Paul Washer and Joel Osteen

  1. hey… so excited to see you’ve been posting again… feels like it’s been ages!! 🙂 i’ve just lately started listening to way of the master again… i’ve got about 150+ podcasts on my ipod from before it changed to wretched radio that i never got round to listening to and it’s been so great.. totally had forgotten what a blessing it was to me when i first got into it a year or two ago!

    anyhow.. just waiting for this video to finish loading to fully appreciate but LOVE paul washer, LOVE todd friel, LOVE the Gospel being taught faithfully and passionately, and LOVE keeping up with your posts/statuses/tweets of late … they always inspire me to want to know God more! 🙂

    i hope you’re well and being encouraged! 🙂

    • Hey Miriam,

      Apologies for the delayed reply!! Great to hear from ya and thanks for leaving a comment! It can be a bit wick sometimes when it looks like no one is actually visiting the site!! Although that shouldn’t concern me!! Pride grrrrrr!! Glad the site has encouraged you and you get something out of it! I stopped posting for a while there for a few reasons but for now I’m gonna try and keep it up as best as I can!

      Again, thanks for leaving the comment….that in itself is a great encouragement! Hope ure well ureself! PS what r u doing these days?? PS.S….Paul Washer = great…….Todd Friel= Hilarious!! You’re listening to good stuff Mimsi!! Keep it up!! We should never be ashamed of the Biblical Gospel!! 🙂

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