James Montgomery Boyce

“Without a knowledge of our unfaithfulness and rebellion we will never come to know God as the God of truth and grace. Without a knowledge of our pride we will never know Him in His greatness. Nor will we come to Him for the healing we need. When we are sick physically and know that we are sick, we seek out a doctor and follow his prescription for a cure. But if we did not know we were sick, we would not seek help and might well perish from the illness. Its the same spiritually. If we think we are well, we will never accept God’s cure; we think we do not need it. Instead, if by God’s grace we become aware of our sickness- actually, of something worse than sickness, of a spiritual death so far as any meaningful response to God is concerned- then we have a basis for understanding the meaning of Christ’s work on our behalf, and can embrace Him as Saviour and Lord”

Foundations of the Christian Faith (p198)


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