Rob Bell and the Bullwhip Guy…..a comparison

Video 1 is Rob Bell and the Bullhorn “Nooma” DVD video 2 is a viewers response. I would like to point out that I agree with Rob Bell to a certain extent about preachers who preach nothing but hell, fire and brimstone without any grace. An ungracious gospel without love is no gospel at all, however when Bell goes on to say about Christianity being about love, not repentance etc he then steps into error….so in steps the bullwhip guys in video 2! I could dissect Bells video in more detail to highlight the errors that i believe are in the point he is trying to make but as it’s a Saturday night i’m refraining from taking the time to do that….if there are any responses to this i will probably take the time to do a fuller critique if it becomes necessary to do so.

Video 1- Rob Bell….BullHorn

Video 2-Bullwhip Guy


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