As a backslidden atheist, I was fascinated by a recent interview with Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ) and world famous philosophical atheist-turned-creationist, Anthony Flew (to watch, see LeeStrobel.com). After watching this 83-year-old Oxford professor, a fun apologetic equation popped into my mind that has proven effective with skeptics.

Plain and simple — top atheist, Anthony Flew, has changed his mind about God. He said that Albert Einstein was right when he felt that there must be intelligence behind the integrated complexities in the natural world. In simple English, that means that Einstein said that dead things like rocks, metal, plastic, light, and air are made up of such complicated systems that depend on each other to exist, that there must be some intelligent being that put them together. “Mr. E=MC2” said that.

Anthony Flew said that with the huge discoveries in biological science since Einstein’s day, its even more obvious there must be a God. Flew said, “If that is a sound argument, the integrated complexity of the organic world is just inordinately greater — all the creatures are complicated pieces of design. So an argument that is important about the physical world is immeasurably stronger when applied to the biological world.” In simple words, he was saying that if non-living things like rocks proved that God exists, then living things (like human beings and animals) with their much more complex and interdependent systems, make it a no-brainer that there must be an Intelligent Designer. “Mr. Ex-Top Atheist” said that!

Einstein and Flew’s point is very simple. Think of it like this. You’re in high school. Your science teacher tells you that for your final exam you can choose to either build a rock or a human being. Which would you choose? Of course, the rock would be much easier because a human being is much more complicated. If Einstein says that rocks are made of stuff so complicated that it proves there must be a God, then human beings make it even more obvious because they are much more complicated than rocks!

Try it yourself. Build a baby from scratch (no cheating with pre-manufactured humans). Baby building is very complex. You need an ovary, an egg, fallopian tubes, a uterus, a hormone called estrogen, an umbilical cord, a placenta, and countless other womanly things that all work hand in hand to make a baby. Not only that, you’ll also need the necessary information-packed sperm, and tubes to transport them to the egg. Each of these very delicate systems must work in perfect harmony to make a baby. And if it doesn’t happen successfully over and over again, the human race will disappear.

Could you build each one of these complex systems, time them to work together in perfect sync, and produce a brand new human in 9 months that will grow, think, walk, talk, sing, do the electric slide, play basketball, AND…be able to reproduce more humans with these same capabilities and complex systems? Could you do that?

Now think what the atheist is saying. He says that all this happened without a Creator. There was no “mind” behind creation. So imagine if I sucked the brain out of your head and then told you to build what we have just talked about. Could you do that? It’s obvious why the thinking atheist has to admit there must be a God.

So the next time you’re speaking with a skeptic, remember this little equation: Einstein + Sex = God. And use it the next time someone asks you for proof for a Creator.

(article used with thanks to http://www.bethinking.org)


We believe in the Jedi not Christ….New Age Pantheism wrapped in Jedi clothes

4116232So here we have it….The Church of the Jedi…..because the story about Jesus is just too far fetched for some quite clearly!

The church of the Jedi states;

“Everything in the universe is bound by energy, from the mighty power of the sun down to a tiny grain of sand on a beach. All living creatures share a connection through energy, the universal power which radiates through us all. This phenomenon has always existed, but it was in 1977 after the release of the film “Star Wars” that it was given a name, the force. Since the creation of Star Wars and its subsequent sequels and prequels, people from all over the world have adopted a belief in the force and the films protectors of the faith “The Jedi”.

It was through these beliefs that the UK Jedi church was set up. Our aim is to bring all of the world’s believers in the force together for the power of good. We will form a community that does not have bias or any type of prejudice. A community that does not reject other religions, but in fact encourages the positive teachings that other religions can bring. It is through positivity that we shall thrive, for that is the light side of the force.”

“There are two sides to many things in life, Black and white, up and down, good and bad. In eastern philosophy where the life force is known as chi, they represent these opposites through the symbol of yin and yang. In the Jedi faith the force is split into the two halves of the light and the dark side. In a world where good cannot exist without evil and evil without good, Jedi take it upon themselves to keep the balance between the two halves by focusing only on the light side of the force.”

If that’s not enough to make you giggle then maybe this will….

“Religions base their faith on holy texts such as the bible and the Koran to name only two, but we base our faith on the impartial and highly accessible stories George Lucas has brought to us in both film and book. We obtain this information and rather than creating strict rules to live by we take it as a guide to living a better and more worthwhile life.”

But on a more somber and nihilistic note…..

“So in summary, no religion is truth. It is all just a matter of faith.”

However they do get one thing right about another weird cult….if only others in the world could see the through its celebrity facade…..

“What right does anyone have to start a church? If a group of like minded people wish to organise a place and a structure to practise and discuss their religious thoughts, then that is the right of anyone who lives in a free and fair society. As soon as enough people are involved, they experience administrative issues that create costs too much for any single member to bear on their own. At that stage it is necessary that the organisation may create its own legitimate status to operate bank accounts and manage its own set of financial accounts, which are not to the betterment of any individual, and are long lasting should any founding members pass on.

Lets consider the Church of Scientology. About 60 years ago, a fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard wrote a body of beliefs and related practices. Hubbard chose only later to characterize his writings as an “applied religious philosophy” and since it has gained legal recognition as an official religion in many western countries. Unlike the Church of Scientology, we will not harass members of the public, nor ex members of our Church. We welcome all those who wish to join, and we farewell all those who wish to leave. We only request that the Jedi Church is given every legal right and recognition that is given to other legal and recognised churches in our society, and that our members be free to practise their religion free from persecution.”

Please do excuse for the silly pun….but….until my next post….may the force be with you all. Seriously. No, seriously!!

What is it about the New Atheists?

you_dont_exist2351What is new about the new atheists? It’s not their arguments. Spend as much time as you like with a pile of the recent anti-religion books, but you won’t encounter a single point you didn’t hear in your freshman dormitory. It’s their tone that is novel. Belief, in their eyes, is not just misguided but contemptible, the product of provincial minds, the mark of people who need to be told how to think and how to vote–both of which, the new atheists assure us, they do in lockstep with the pope and Jerry Falwell.

For the new atheists, believing in God is a form of stupidity, which sets off their own intelligence. They write as if they were the first to discover that biblical miracles are improbable, that Parson Weems was a fabulist, that religion is full of superstition. They write as if great minds had never before wrestled with the big questions of creation, moral law and the contending versions of revealed truth. They argue as if these questions are easily answered by their own blunt materialism. Most of all, they assume that no intelligent, reflective person could ever defend religion rather than dismiss it. The reviewer of Dr. Dawkins’s volume in a recent New York Review of Books noted his unwillingness to take theology seriously, a starting point for any considered debate over religion.

The faith that the new atheists describe is a simple-minded parody. It is impossible to see within it what might have preoccupied great artists and thinkers like Homer, Milton, Michelangelo, Newton and Spinoza–let alone Aquinas, Dr. Johnson, Kierkegaard, Goya, Cardinal Newman, Reinhold Niebuhr or, for that matter, Albert Einstein. But to pass over this deeper faith–the kind that engaged the great minds of Western history–is to diminish the loss of faith too. The new atheists are separated from the old by their shallowness. (Sam Schulman)

A Guide to Contemporary Christian Worship!

Thank you for choosing to worship with us today. If you are from a church that uses traditional hymns, you may be confused. Please take a moment to read through this guide to contemporary Christian music.

In our church you will not hear “How Great Thou Art,” “Wonderful Grace of Jesus,” or “Like a River Glorious.” (Generally, hymns that have words like “Thou” are not used. They are too archaic and are normally replaced by words like “awesome” and “miry clay”). Yes, okay, we may do “Amazing Grace” or “Peace Like a River” at some point, but as a general rule we avoid songs with too many different verses or those that can’t be played easily on guitar and drums.

If you are new to worship here, you may wish to know the reasons for this. One is that deep theological concepts do not belong in contemporary Christian worship. We frown on songs that change more than one or two words for each verse. For example, our version of “Holy is the Lord” consists of repeating that phrase six times per verse and then changing “Holy” to “Worthy,” “Mighty,” “Jesus” and finally changing “the” to “my.” Isn’t that much simpler to sing and easier to remember? The twin goals here are a) repetition and b) chanting quality. We don’t focus on what we’re singing, but how we’re singing it. The main thing is to get that kind of tingly, “olive oily” feeling. Don’t worry if you don’t get this right away. It will come as you learn to disengage your intellect. Just free yourself. Immerse yourself. Relax.

Christian music guide

Nevertheless, a traditional hymn may sometimes be used. For example, we’re not averse to “Holy, Holy, Holy.” You may be tempted to sing this as you would have in your former church, but please note that it is sung here with changes, mainly the fact that we repeat it several times and try to sing as slowly as possible, thereby emphasizing the funereal nature of the verse.

Repetition is very important in contemporary Christian music. We repeat: Repetition is very important in contemporary Christian music. Just because a song may have one verse and one chorus does not mean that you only sing it through once. Old hymns have several verses, each of which introduces a new theological concept, and are meant to be sung once followed by “Amen.” This is no longer how it’s done. The correct procedure is to sing the identical verse and chorus at least three times. Often it is preferable to repeat the verse two times initially before moving on to the chorus.

Also the worship leader may want to repeat a verse or chorus found in the middle of the song. This is signaled by “calling an audible.” When this occurs, the worship leader will say the first few words of the verse or chorus he will be singing next. Sometimes, due to the similarity of the verses, this may be confusing and the overhead projector may flash several pages of text until the correct one is arrived at. Don’t panic, this is normal. Just continue singing as though you know the words and soon either the correct slide will appear or a new chorus will begin.

After the verse and chorus are sung at least three times, it is permissible for the song to end. However, the chorus must first be repeated in its entirety, then the last paragraph, then the last line. When singing the last line it is important to slow down a little and look upward. Raising a hand is permissible and often done at this time. This may take a little getting used to but don’t worry, if you just join in, in a short time you won’t even notice and soon you will forget that you ever did it any other way.

We are just really glad you chose to share the worship experience with us today. Thank you and we hope to see you again soon.

Thank you and we hope to see you again soon. Thank you. Thank.
(Source: Wittenburg Door)

10 questions for a “not-yet-believer”

  1. How do you explain the high degree of design and order in the universe?
    » Learn more about the universe / origin of life / origin of species / origin of mankind
  2. How do you account for the vast archaeological documentation of Biblical stories, places, and people?
    » In what ways have archaeological discoveries verified it?
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  3. Since absolutely no Bible prophecy has ever failed (and there are hundreds), how can one realistically remain unconvinced that the Bible is of Divine origin?
    » Read about fulfilled biblical prophecies

    Explain David’s graphic portrayal of Jesus’ death by crucifixion (Psalm 22) 1000 years previous to crucifixion being established as a form of capital punishment?

    How could any mere human pinpoint the birth town of the Messiah seven full centuries before the fact, as did the prophet Micah?
    » Read the “God’s Story” account of Micah describing the Messiah

    Account for the odds (1 in 10 to the 157th power) that even just 48 (of 300) Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in one person, i.e Jesus.
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    » What messianic prophecies were fulfilled by Christ? Answer
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    How was it possible for the Old Testament prophet Isaiah to have predicted the virgin birth of Jesus (Isaiah 7:14) 700 years before it occurred?
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    » Is the virgin birth a myth?

  4. How can anyone doubt the reliability of Scripture considering the number and proximity to originals of its many copied manuscripts?
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  5. Are you able to live consistently with your present worldview?
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  6. Wouldn’t it make better sense, even pragmatically, to live as though the God of the Bible does exist than as though He doesn’t
  7. In what sense was Jesus a ‘Good Man’ if He was lying in His claim to be God?
    » Is Jesus Christ really God?…
  8. Do you think that Jesus was misguided in affirming the truthfulness of Scripture, i.e. John 10:35, Matthew 24, Luke 24:44
  9. If the Bible is not true, why is it so universally regarded as the ‘Good Book’?
    » How can I know if the Bible is true?… / Is the Bible truth or tabloid? / Can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans? 

    Are you aware that the Old Testament alone claims to be God’s inspired word at least 2600 times?

    Did you know that the Bible has been the number one best-seller every year since the 1436 invention of the Gutenberg printing press?
    » The Bible—an amazing book

  10. From whence comes humanity’s universal moral sense?

Me, myself, and iPhone

Technology can be an instrument for gratitude or for idolatry (Vern S. Poythress)

Ten years ago a few visionaries were predicting the era of “ubiquitous” computing, when all kinds of appliances would contain computerized links to the rest of the world. Now it is upon us, in the form of cell phones.A capable cell phone today has more computing power than the computer that took the Apollo astronauts to the moon. It gives instant access not only to your friends’ voices but to all the information on the internet. Are you keeping up or falling behind in the race for the latest electronic fashions?

Science and technology get a lot of attention because of the new gadgets they spin out. I love science, because it displays God’s wisdom (Proverbs 8:22-31). I love technology, because it shows what great gifts God has given to us, and what great human capacity God has given us to exercise dominion (Genesis 1:28-30). But I see hopes placed in science and technology that they cannot fulfill. Science, it is said, will solve the problems of world hunger. It will bring world peace. And more and better technology will solve the problems introduced by lesser technology.

Well, sometimes; and in some ways. Maybe science will find an efficient way to harness nuclear fusion to produce clean power—or maybe not. But we can be awash in technology and still be hate-filled or lonely. You can have 200 friends on Facebook and have no one who really knows you, no one who loves you.

Sometimes science only increases the problem. If, instead of seeing the wisdom of God in it, you listen to the propaganda of scientism, it will solemnly assure you that you inhabit a faceless, lonely, materialistic universe that is heading only toward ultimate death. And the gadgets of technology become Band-Aids to cover spiritual wounds and empty hearts. One more electronic game or one more DVD movie or one more pop song holds back the slide into boredom and depression. We search for one entertainment after another to keep back the dread of facing the hollow inside.

God will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7). If you sow a “me”-centered life, you will reap a harvest of emptiness. If you hope in the human wisdom of science, it will fail. Knowledge it may offer, by the truckload. But when such knowledge is detached from the God who gave it, it cannot give you wisdom to know yourself or to know God. The technology in which you hoped will mock you and testify to your ingratitude to God.

We have lost our way. Christ answers, “I am the way” (John 14:6). The world is founded on Christ, by whom all things were created, in whom all things hold together (Colossians 1:16-17). From Him we can have eternal life in fellowship with God: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die” (John 11:25-26). His power, manifest in His resurrection, is the foundation for all science and technology. The Bible says that Christ “upholds the universe by the word of His power” (Hebrews 1:3). His upholding sustains the regularities on which science and technology constantly depend. His wisdom is behind the knowledge and beauty in science. What is most astounding is that you can know Him personally, and have your rebellion healed. And then you will know that He, the King of the universe, loves you and understands you. If you are grateful to Him, you will have science and technology in perspective.

White Horse Inn- Get Stoopid…….

Getting Stupid
On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts evaluate a new trend in popular culture, namely the pursuit of stupidity. But are contemporary churches challenging this trend, or capitulating to it?

This episode is a must-listen-to for every Christian who is serious about Jesus and His Church. Christians must guard against becoming like the culture. For example if the culture becomes godless the church will also (or has it become like this already??) There is a dumbing down taking place in Western culture and Christians must not let themselves follow suit. God gave us a brain for a reason; let’s start using it again! It’s not about being an academic or an intellectual giant. It’s about seeking to understand God’s Word and to apply it to our lives. This goes for the guy with no High School grades to the Girl with a Doctorate in Rocket Science!

Listen to this edition of the White Horse Inn here